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Whole Sleep, Whole You is a concept created to express a healthful approach to getting the most out of every night’s sleep, so that you have the best possible chance of getting the most out of every day.   To say it’s a philosophy is probably going too far.   It’s more of a wellness reminder that there are a number of things we can do to achieve a more healthy, natural and enriching night of sleep for ourselves – to encourage “whole sleep”.

And after all, whether you are one year old or one hundred years old, a healthful night’s sleep, or lack of, has a tremendous bearing on your ability to embrace (or tackle, if you are so inclined) the world’s issues the next day.  Maybe karma, weather and fate come into play as well – but you have to admit that nourishing, healthy sleep is pretty darn close to the top of the list of most important factors in our lives – and maybe it’s #1.

Currently, I am the founder of WHOLE BED LCC, a company dedicated to enhancing health by creating a more pure sleep environment with all natural sleep products.  I’ve also been a founder of a household air care products company.  (As you’ll see, Indoor Air Quality is a growing topic area and a critical component of Whole Sleep.)  I’ve spent a number of years in the bedding products industry, studying the topic of sleep.

I hope you find these posts and articles to be helpful, and please don’t be shy to communicate with me about them.   Also, if there is a topic area you’d like me to explore further, please let me know.  Thank you

Here’s to Whole Sleep, and a Whole You!!

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Jim Huffstetler,  Litchfield, Connecticut



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