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The Case for Whole Sleep


Sleep is under attack – and has been for some time.  We’ve seen the gradual invasion, but have been powerless to stop it.  Flat screen TVs have become entrenched in the bedroom.  Smart phones have advanced all the way to the bedside table, even camouflaging themselves as helpful alarm clocks I’ve discovered (I guess that’s one of the reasons they are called smart phones).  In some cases, the very product we’ve paid for dearly to usher comfort and support into our lives, our bed, is emitting chemical gases right under our sheets.  And if that’s not enough, we are also wrestling with the nightly impact of stress, diet and lack of exercise.

A Battle We Can Win

Thankfully, this story can have a very happy ending.  We can win this, and dramatically enhance our health and wellness along the way.  Part of the solution is simply understanding the science behind sleep just a little better, so we improve our appreciation of the impact that healthful sleep can have on all aspects of our physiology and our well being.  New studies are continually being announced with fascinating discoveries and insights.  As we attain a stronger grasp on the wonders of sleep, then it’s just a matter of becoming more mindful about its importance, and applying some common sense to creating the best possible sleep environment, or sleep sanctuary as some call it.

Whole Sleep, Whole You is all about doing exactly that!  As approaches to a more healthful life go, this one is pretty easy.  It doesn’t involve a radical boot camp or regime change.   All we have to do is make one or two adjustments at a time, nothing extreme, to reap the benefits of more nourishing, replenishing, healthful sleep.

The direct connection between quality of sleep and quality of life is no secret.  Sleep is when the body rests and recharges, when the brain is literally cleansed and flushed for a fresh start each day, when our emotional core is re-nourished.  Without the proper amount of uninterrupted, healthful sleep, we cannot achieve or sustain our highest levels of function and purpose.

Whole Sleep, Whole You is about creating the best possible opportunity to attain the best possible night’s sleep.   I’ve started this site / blog to allow us to learn together and improve together. We will explore and examine:

  • The latest findings in the world of sleep science
  • The importance of indoor air quality (something near and dear to my heart since our household has its fair share of allergy and asthma sufferers)
  • The best of all-natural sleep products – beds, pillows, toppers, etc
  • Diet and fitness advice from the experts

It will be a shared effort.  We’ll do the legwork on fact gathering and distilling the info, and you do the reading and point me in directions you want to explore further.  New articles will be posted on a weekly basis.

We’ve made a lot of progress already.  A grocery store focused on offering wholesome food is now the crown jewel of Amazon.  There are no longer inside open-air smoking areas.  (Anyone remember the designated smoking rows on airplanes?).  Our largest coffee chain just eliminated plastic straws.  Now it’s time to shift this thinking to sleep, and reclaim the bedroom in the name of health and wellness.

Now, it’s up to us.

Whole Sleep, Whole You.   Let’s get the most out of life, by getting the most out of sleep.


All articles in this blog are by Jim Huffstetler 

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